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There are so many wig types available in the market as a result of the increasing demands for wig hair in recent years. But as a wearer, you should never ignore a human hair wig, the high-quality type of wig which brings the most natural look and feel. And knowing clearly about human hair wig will help you make the best use of this stunning piece.

The great benefits of human hair wig

Real and natural

Human hair wigs are made with real human hair. The hair is originated from donors who sold their virgin hair to earn some money. With this type of hair, the cuticles are kept running in the same direction when collecting and crafting the wig. Therefore, tangling is greatly reduced and the wigs look and feel silkier.

To bring the wigs a more realistic look, manufacturers often create the length, density, hairline, baby hair, or bleached knots. Hence, even when looking at a close distance, people cannot recognize when you are wearing a wig or not. It’s very hard to differentiate !!!



Normally, a human hair wig can last 1-2 years with proper care. If you treat it better, it can stay with you for up to 3 years. Thanks to its great longevity, you can save an amount of money in the long run.

A beautiful fashion item

Gone were the days that only people with hair loss or under treatment use human hair wigs. Wig suppliers have been continuously striving to diversify the styles for their wig collection to keep with the fashion trend in the world. People now use human hair wigs as their fashion accessories. And with the eye-catching hairstyles of the wig, you can wear it to parties, birthdays, travels, celebrations, or weddings.

Comfortable to wear

Another factor that attracts people to a human hair wig is that it’s safe and comfortable to wear. To make it more convenient to users, manufacturers often attach elastic bands and combs inside the wig so that it can perfectly match the size of your head. No more worry about wigs falling off your head.


Act as a protective method for bio hair

Coloring and heat styling are not good for your natural hair. Regular operations will damage your natural hair and cause irreparable hair loss. Human hair wigs serve as an effective method for your hair. You can make styling on the wig to change your style. And at the same time, your bio hair can have a long break to grow back and recover.

Make you feel more confident

Many people are not satisfied with their current appearance, and many others lose their confidence due to the state of thin hair and total hair loss. But with a wig that secures a natural look with a stunning hairstyle, they can surely take back their confidence.

Easy to maintain and clean

Human hair wigs are made from pure human hair; Therefore, you can use the same haircare products of your natural hair for your wig. This will also help you to cut down the cost of specific wig care.


Some FAQs on human hair wig

How long do human hair wigs last?

As we have mentioned above, human hair wigs can last between 1 and 3 years with proper care. Unlike the synthetic fibers, the human hair strands are still remarkably soft with a shine and movement even after a long time using.

Are human hair wigs expensive?

A human hair wig’s price often ranges from $150-$1000, depending on the type of wigs, hair length, color, texture, and the brand. A curly hair wig will cost more than a straight one, for example.

In general, human hair wigs can be expensive compared to synthetic wigs. Yet, they are worth the investment! Synthetic wigs are cheaper in price, but they are not as high in quality.


Do we need to wash human hair wig before using?

Yes. We always recommend users to wash your new wig before using. In this way, you can clean the residue it may have from the processing and packaging and prevent any harming to your scalp. And with your current wig, it’s better to wash it every 6 weeks, or about 7 times of using. You may need to wash it more if you use it more often in hot weather. We have a full tutorial on how to wash a wig. So, let check it out before you start.

Can you wash a human hair wig with normal shampoo?

You can wash a human hair wig with regular shampoo for human hair, but not shampoo designed for synthetic wigs. It will be better to make use of mild shampoo so that the hair strands won’t become dry after washing.


How to style?

It will be easier to style your human hair wigs than you may think. It’s better to put the wig on a mannequin head to have a clearer image of how it looks like on your face. You can use a curling iron, or flat iron to style your long hair wig, or dye your short hair wig to a more fancy shade. The human hair strands allow you to have various styling options.

How to choose a good human hair wig?

The answer may vary since it depends on your personal taste and several other factors. You can find some useful tips on how to choose the best human hair wig before you make the final decision.

So now you can grasp more info about human hair wig. If you still have any question regarding the hairpiece, let drop a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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