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APO Hair – The Biggest Hair Wholesaler in Vietnam

APO Import Export Joint Stock Company, established on October 9, 2011, is one of the leading companies in Vietnam operating in the field of exporting hair to the international market. Over 10 years of establishment and development, we are constantly enhancing our vision and mission to develop more and become the leading hair exporter in the worldwide hair market. We always do business with slogan “Reputation is more valuable than gold”, in which we improve our products quality continuously to keep in customer’s faith.

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History of establishment and development

In the early 1990s, the industry of manufacturing and trading hair products appeared in many provinces of Vietnam. Integrating with the development of the hair market at that time, we began to build a hair factory on a small scale. At that moment, the factory just operated like a trade village, with a relatively small scale, only about 20 workers.

The important and also decisive factor that helps us gain the trust and favor of our customers is the origin of hair products. All the products we create are made from 100% real human hair without chemicals or synthetic fibers.

In the early days of development, every process faced many difficulties. Almost all stages of hairdressing, treatment and styling hair are hand-made. The skillful hands of just over 20 workers that time have helped the company stand firm and develop until today.

In early 2005, our small factory recorded a milestone when we first exported our hair to the international market. It is an opportunity but also a great challenge even though we have many years of experience with the domestic hair industry.

After a lot of efforts, on 10th, September, 2011, APO Import Export Joint Stock Company was officially established. This is an extremely important historical milestone, marking the birth of the company after many efforts, difficulties and challenges during more than 20 years. At the same time, we started expanding our market to European countries and gained significant achievements.

Office and factory

The company operates with 2 parallel areas including the factory and the office. The solidarity, help and support of employees in the two areas are a great foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

The head office, workplace of more than 100 sales staff, is located in Hanoi. Here, with their dynamism and creativity, the staff are day by day bringing many important achievements to the company.

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The factory located in Nam Dinh city in the early days was still quite simple with a scale of only more than 20 workers with the total area of 3ha. Gradually, as the demand for our customers’ hair increased, we began to expand our factory’s area. By May 2019, the factory has reached 250 employees with a total area of 10ha.

The expansion in the scale of our factory is a solid foundation for us to produce lots of hair products which are various in designs, styles, sizes and colors. More than 250 workers, with their skillful hands, are always working hard to make the best hair products with the best quality.



For 3 consecutive years of 2013, 2014 and 2015, we have developed an online sales team with the goal of expanding the market. By 2018, APO Import Export Joint Stock Company is honored to have become a reliable companion of customers from more than 120 countries and territories worldwide.

The company has also continuously invested in modern machines to improve the productivity of the factory as well as the quality and the beauty of hair products. The volume of hair we can supply to the international market has now reached 1 ton per month.

APO always creates the best conditions for employees to comfortably work and present their abilities. For all employees, APO is a family. Therefore, all activities related to remuneration for employees are well planned and implemented. Every year, the company organizes many tourism activities, group activities to improve the spirit of solidarity for employees. All activities are always enthusiastically responded by the staff.



Today, the hair market is increasingly vibrant. Many hair businesses have been established. However, with the noble mission of providing the most beautiful and most affordable products to consumers, APO Import Export Joint Stock Company aspires to reach out in the international market and get more trust from customers!


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