8 inch weave hair extension: How to install it by weaving method?

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We are sure that there will be some days you are fed up with your current hairstyles. You dream of new locks with fullness instead of your old short style. If these days, you are seeking on the Internet for the best solution to stop the bad hair days without any damages to your natural hair, 8 inch weave hair extensions from APO hair may be the a great savior for you.

8 inch weave hair

What is 8 inch weave hair extension?

Weave hair is the name for the collection of strands that have been weft to a fine clothing strip at one end. That’s why sometimes this method is also called weft hair or sew in hair extensions. Actually, you will find out that there are different ways to attach the weave to the natural hair. However, the most popular and also, the one we highly recommend to you is the sewing method. 8 inch weave hair extension, absolutely, is a kind of weave hair that is 8 inch in length.

Why should you choose APO hair’s 8 inch weave hair extensions?

It is one of the most popular method of hair extensions

8 inch black curly weave

There is no doubt about this. Weave hair, for a long time, has become a great partner of many women. Most hair extensions wearers decide to choose weave hair due to the fact that it’s safe and versatile to deal with their low-density and lifeless locks.

It is made of remy hair

Exactly, 8 inch of weave hair extension from APO hair is from 100% Vietnamese human remy. It means that all the hair cuticles remain and face the same direction. Using these hair extensions, you don’t need to worry that the hair will be tangle or shedding. In addition, you can also treat them like your natural hair. You can completely color, style or curl the hair the way you like. Especially, you can trust in our hair quality as we certainly say “NO” with chemical or synthetic hair.

It has different textures

If you think that our 8 inch weave hairstyle just includes straight texture, then it is a misunderstanding. Various options of hair textures for weave are available in our stock. The most typical ones we would like to list here are:

– Firstly, 8 inch straight weave hair: natural straight hair, kinky straight hair, yaki straight hair

– 8 inch wavy hair: natural wavy hair, body wavy hair, bouncy wavy hair, deep wavy hair, fumi wavy hair

– 8 inch curly hair: loose curly hair, deep curly hair, fumi curly hair, kinky curly hair, romantic curly hair

If someday you are no longer interested in your straight hair, you would find a new hairstyle thanks to our wavy or curly weave. When you get used to applying weave hair extensions, you can even get a new hairstyle at home by yourself instead of having it done by a professional hairstylist.

It owns different colors to choose

Black is the simplest hair color for natural hair as well as hair extensions. However, not all the times people choose it. On some special occasions, people tend to choose brighter shades which make them more and more outstanding. Also, when you want to find something new for your look, you will find another color for your hair and decide to have it dyed at the hair salon. Here, we want to emphasize that, with the application of hair extensions, you may not need to have your hair colored directly. In APO’s collection, we provide 8 inch weave hair extensions of many different shades. We have black color, brown color, blonde color, mix color, ombre color. Each group of color consists of many different shades, providing you a lot of options to choose.

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It is divided into different hair standards

APO’s straight blonde weave

The demand to purchase goods is usually different. Depending on your own hair, you determine the quantity of hair extensions you need to buy. We know that some customers just need a small quantity of hair, others need more than that. This makes us decide to divide our 8 inch hair into 4 main hair standards which are:

– Single drawn quality type 1: VS1

– Single drawn quality type 2: VS2

– Double drawn quality type 1: VD1

– Double drawn quality type 2: VD2

The difference among these standards lies in the thickness in the end of each hair bundle. VS1 is the standard in which there are some short hair strands mixed in the same bundle (about 50% short hair). VD2 is the highest standard where almost all hair strands possess the same length. If you are looking for much fullness for your hair, then VD1 or VD2 should be your best options.

How an 8 inch weave hair extension can benefit you?

If 8 inch of weave has become your best partner, then we make sure you have been too clear about weave’s benefit. However, if you are a newcomer, let us tell you all the advantages that you can get from weave hair extension.

– Weave hair extension helps protect your hair against heat damage

– Applying hair weave is beneficial for you to grow your hair

– Weave hair makes your underneath hair become stronger

– It adds the desired length and fullness to your hair

– It offers various hair textures, hair colors and hair standards.

Compared with other types of hair extensions, weave suits your budget more. It has reasonable price which helps you save money for other demands.

How to install 8 inch weave hair extensions?

install weave hair

As we have mentioned above, you can apply weave hair extension by various methods. You can use adhesives or clips to attach weave hair to your natural hair. However, the most popular way that many people choose nowadays is the weaving method. Below is our suggestion about the most important steps to implement the sewing method to apply 8 inch weave hair extensions.

Step 1: Get the hair extensions, prepare your natural hair. Please note to wash your own hair clean before sewing process so that you can gain the perfect result after finishing the whole application.

Step 2: Begin to make cornrows. Take a few hair strand and then braid them firmly into small horizontal lines.

Step 3: Use thread and needle to start sewing the weave hair directly to the cornrow of your natural hair. At this step, you can ask for the support of your professional hairstylist.

In general, the weaving method suits almost all hair types. However, we highly recommend that you should not apply it with those whose hair is too weak, fragile or damaged. Don’t make too tight braids as they can put some pressure to your hair.

You shouldn’t misunderstand that hair washing is not good. Remember to shampoo your hair regularly as well as prevent over styling with heat. These tips will help your sew-in weave hairstyle last longer.

How often do you need to replace hair weave?

weaving method

How often should you replace your 8 inch hair weave? In fact, this depends on the method you choose to install it. If you use clips to apply the weave, you can put on it in the morning and take it off at night. If it is the weaving method, it can last up to 4 -6 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Price is one of the key factors that determine customers’ buying decisions. That’s why we always try to supply you hair products at the most reasonable prices. We have many different types of hair in our collection. However, we need to tell you that our weave hair is one of the products that are sold at flexible prices.

If you love any items in our hair collections, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to provide you with the best quality hair extensions. For shorter hair extensions, you can try our 6 inch human hair extensions in our website. Click HERE to see more or visit our website to get the latest updates about our products and promotions.

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