5 benefits you will get when using a short black wig from APOHAIR

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There is no doubt that not all women prefer long hairstyle. For those who want to achieve a new look with short hair, we recommend that you guys choose a short black wig. What are the reasons for our recommendation? Check out the answer right below.

What do you know about short black wig?

Short black wig, just like its name, is the kind of which that is in black color. When we mention to short wig, it means the length of that wig is from 8 inch to 16 inch. Short black wig is the perfect option if you are looking for a new short hairstyle without cutting your hair.

Short black wig from APOHAIR

You might have heard about our typical hair extensions in our collection such as weave hair extensions, tape hair extensions, tip hair extensions or clip in hair extensions. These are awesome methods you can use to achieve a new look. However, don’t forget, we also provide many different types of lace closure, lace frontal and especially lace wigs. Are you curious about these types of hair?

Short black wig is nowadays one of the most favorable hair types in the hair market. It is also one of the best-selling hair items in APOHAIR these days. So, what are the reasons? Come closer to know more about our short black wig and you can understand all.

Wig origin

Just like other products in our collection, short black wig is made of 100% Vietnamese human remy hair. When supplying hair products to the international market, “Do you mix synthetic hair in your hair extensions?” is a popular question we get. Many customers wonder if we use chemical or synthetic hair during our production. For this question, we say NO.

curly wig

APOHAIR use 100% virgin human hair in all steps of production. All the hair strands are carefully selected, washed and classified, ensuring the best quality for the final products. To make wigs, workers need to have a lot of skill and experience. We use high-quality lace to make lace wigs.

Hair standard

No worry, we choose high standard for our short black wig. The product can be used for a long time with proper hair care and maintenance.

Hair color

In term of black hair, we have three shades for you to choose. They are #1, #1A and #1B. Among the three of them, color #1B is the natural black color – the natural color with no dyeing/coloring process.

Benefits of short black wig

straight black wig

Have you ever thought of short black wig’s benefits or you just use it anytime you love. If you want do discover some outstanding of a short black wig, let us reveal 5 following advantages. Hope that they are useful for you.

It is flattering

Gone are the days of shrouding your face behind your long locks. It’s high time you guys made a statement and showed off those cheekbones. Yes, a cute, short black wig hairstyle wig will extenuate your natural beauty and draw others’ attention. New short hairstyle with a wig is optional as it will leave you feel sexier, sassier and more confident. Try it to check!

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It is on-trend

short black wig

Just tell us if you have watched some celebrities who appear on the red carpet with their short black wig. These recent years, short hair and pixie haircuts have been on trend. Short hair is now pursued by a lot of women around the world.

It is a money saver

It is not an exaggeration to say that short black wig is a money saver. That’s why, if you are looking for an effective way to save money, choose short wig. Short style wigs will help you save money in two ways: less products and less damage.

  • Less products: Put simply! The shorter the wig is, the less shampoo and conditioner you need to you to get your wig sparkling. As a result, your bottles of hair products last longer. You can save money on the weekly shampoo shop.
  • Less damage: Unlike long wigs, short hairstyles are less exposed to the elements significantly. This means they don’t damage as easily (be gone brittle and broken hair). Short wigs tend to last longer and look fabulous longer, sparing you from having to buy a new wig.

It requires less maintenance

short wig hairstyle

It is clear that short black wigs will help you save time, especially when shampooing or drying and styling the hair. With this kind of hair, you are going to have more time to do the thing you love. Also, short hairstyle will help your keep cool during the warmer months, allowing the wind to pass through your nick and scalp.

It can reduce heat damage

Since short black wigs look glamorous in next to no time, less time is spent on styling the hair with some heat styling tools such as hairdryers, straighteners, crimpers and curlers. Therefore, split ends and hair breakage are a thing of the past.

Besides short black wig, there are many types of wigs in APO’s collection. Please click HERE if you want to find out more information about our wig and pick up the best products. We are always happy to support you.

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