360 closure 101 – A versatile frontal for the perfect natural hairline

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Most people are more familiar with the capless wig, monofilament wig, and some other type. But have you ever heard of another way to make a wig? A special sort of lace front wig, 360 lace closure has been attracting our customer’s attention lately. In today’s blog post, let’s discuss some of the benefits and use-case for this exciting closure. We will also touch upon some of the common features of these types of hair extensions and the requirements for making wigs with these lace frontals.

What exactly is a 360 lace frontal?

360 lace frontal has become a more popular choice lately. A 360 lace frontal closure is a type of lace closure that wraps around the head by 360 degrees.  With common ‘vanilla’ types of lace closure, the lace only covers the front of the head. Meanwhile, with 360, you have the lace goes all around the head. This gives the wigs you are making a significant edge in styling. 360 closure is also good for people who want to make their wigs quickly. With these types, gone are the reality of sitting down for 4-5 hours to finish your projects. 


What is a 360 lace frontal good for?

360 lace frontal is especially suitable for someone who is new to making wigs. People who don’t want to overcomplicate the process and want to save on time also are discovering the beauty of these lace products. We also advise people who might be worried that their hair edge might betray them to get these since you never have that problem with a circular closure.

A 360 lace closure is your best choice if you want to go for a ponytail style. Since when you pull your hair into a ponytail or an updo, the natural hair movement that the lace mimic can ensure the success of your hair system. Also if you don’t like a pre-plucked wig and want to pluck the hairlines and create the parting yourself with various variations, then we think 360 closure will also be a killer choice. When you commit to getting ones, you will have the fun of parting your wigs in so many different directions. We think it sure is the most fun part of any wig-making process.

Why choose 360 lace over others?


When building a 360 lace wig, you start by pinning down the lace and firmly attached ( by glue or sewn-in method) the lace to the wig cap. After that, you will start assembling the wig by attaching the weft bundles to the circular top of the mannequin head. Since the back of your head is already partially covered with hair, you will only need 2 to 3 weft bundles to finish your whole head. This means it will be more economical and you can freely adjust the density of the weft.


Natural hairlines and versatile styling

Our most common goal when customizing wigs for our clients would be to make the whole look natural and shouldn’t scream wigs. A circular closure while do not guarantee this but it does make this much easier. You can pluck the wigs and part the hair anywhere you want which gives great versatility. The hairlines and the hair edge is adjustable all around so the wigs can handle all kind of hairstyles from updo, chignon to braid, ponytails, etc…

Lightweight, easy to make, easy to wear

A wig that was made with circular lace closure tends to be much lighter and easier to wear than some of its cousins. The time and efforts that go into a 360 lace frontal are also significantly less and the end results tend to be more natural with curvy hairlines to match. Fish out some baby hair and stuck them out in the front for an even more convincing look.


Ready to start? Make sure you have these…

Before learning how to make and how to wear a wig like a superstar, get all of these supplies ready. Get one 360 lace frontal and 3 hair wefts with matching color and texture, a net cap, a wig cap, bonding glue, hair thread, C-shaped needles, scissors, a tweezer, and additional product for styling hair. If you are ready with these supplies, we think you are ready to get started. We will document our creating process in another blog post sometime soon. Now if you are still on the hunt for some nice curly hair weft for your latest new looks, we recommend Galaxy’s collection new offering. Check them out and get to work!

So there you have it, we think that 360 closure a great tool in the treasure-trove of any wig lover. Use them, experiment with them, and most of all, wear them to your heart’s content. With some useful technique and careful customizations, we think you will be able to get the wig of your dream with little effort and maximum wow factors.

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