22 inch hair weave: What are its advantages and disadvantages

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Hair extensions are no longer new things to many women all over the globe. To find the best quality and suitable ones for yourself is one of the important missions for modern girls. Weave hair is absolutely one of the optimal choice for you. Keep reading our blog and today we are going to share with you the most incredible things about our 22 inch hair weave. Hope you will like it.

What is 22 inch hair weave?

22 inch hair length weave

22 inch hair weave is the hair which is 22- inch in the length. It is beautiful enough for every woman to use it, no matter how tall or short they are. Let’s see what we get here of 22 inches weave hair.

22 inch hair is believed to be the medium length of human hair. It is not very short compared to other sizes such as 12 inches, 10 inches, or something, and it is not so long like 28 inches or 30 inches hair extensions. With this length every girls can be so feminine, tender and elegant.

Main features of 22 inch weave hair extensions

Features of weave hair:

The whole bundle is weft together

Soft, smooth, glossy and brilliant

Easily applied

100% of human virgin hair, Vietnam remy hair

No chemical, no shedding, no tangles and no insects

All color and texture available

22 inch weave: Advantages and disadvantages

22 inch hair weave style

It cannot be denied that all hairstyles have two sides: disadvantages and disadvantages. 22 inch weave is also the same. Let’s check out what are they?

The advantages of 22 inch weave

The very first advantage of 22 inch weave is that it is made of 10% virgin remy unprocessed human hair. It means all hair cuticles remain and face the same direction, prevent the hair from tangling. Also, the curly hair sews in does not contain any chemicals or synthetic hair. There is no lice, no insects in human hair curly weave. Through some careful steps of washing and classifying, the hair is perfectly great with no other bad smells.

Because it is made of human hair, 22 inch weave has a long service time (about 1 year or more) if you know how to take care of it properly.

The effect after worn of the hair extensions looks really individual. It is a different feeling in comparison with your old hairstyles. The hair brings you a quite brand new look.

22 inch weave can blend well with your natural locks, creating a natural luster hairstyle, thanks to its naturalness. This is the important factor that decides the application of hair extensions is successful or not. When there is a good blend of human hair extensions and natural hair, you will be more glamorous and confident under any circumstances.

The disadvantages of 22 inch hair length weave

Basically, curly hair is dryer than other hairstyles. It requires more careful management from the users.

You had better not restyle curly weave (straighten, dye, curl) too often as this will help maintain the longer service time.

What is its origin?

22 inch weave hair

The hair extensions that we provide are made of 100% of human virgin hair. This hair is often taken from Vietnamese women hair. Most of our Vietnamese hair is taken from countryside women who have barely experienced their hair bleached or dyed. That is to say, the hair is completely organic which has nothing to do with some toxic chemicals. That is why the hair will always have a natural look, strong and have no synthetic hair.

Have you ever wonder how we make styles of the hair extensions without using chemicals? Here is how it is made.

Most of the time, the straight hair will remain as it is naturally straight. But for some markets which buy a lot of curly and wavy hair, we have to style to meet the demand of our customers. The hair will be ironed, curled by machines and then put into the hot steam to keep the styles that are made. This time, we can completely confirm that we use no chemicals or synthetic hair during our production. APO hair always wants to provide customers with the best quality hair extensions.

I would like to remind you that 22 inches weave hair is not the only hair extensions that APOHAIR has. We also have other types such as bulk hair, tip hair and so on. We also have many other sizes of the hair that varies from 6 inches to 32 inches.

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What are the prices of APO’s 22 inch hair weave?

Do you know another thing about our hair extensions is that is really reasonable pricing? If you have to spend a fortune in order to get hair extensions from other suppliers which are not really beautiful but with a very high price. We can offer you amazing hair extensions with the price of a bit more than 1000$ per kilograms of hair extensions. Weave hair is one of the most traditional methods of hair extensions in most hair enterprises today. It means this item will be at lower prices in comparison with other types of hair extensions. Although 22 inch hair is quite longer than 10 inch or 12-inch hair, we are trying our best to sell our products at the most reasonable prices.

Apohair is now exporting 22 inches hair extensions and many other hair types all over the world, especially some demanding markets such as Europe and North America. We are ready to serve you. Are you ready to be stunning?

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