18 inch hair weave – the fastest way to gorgeous medium hairstyles

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18 inch hair weave is supposed to be one of the typical medium-length hair extensions that can be fit with everyone regardless of their height. If you are looking for a perfect hairstyle with the installation of the weaving method or weave hair extensions, this post is exactly for you.

What does 18 inch hair weave look like?

18 inch straight hair weave

18 inch hair is about 45 cm, which is of our shoulder length. However, the length of the weave can look quite different due to your hair textures (straight, wavy or curly hair).

A small piece of advice for you is that you should never wear a weave which more than 4 inch longer than your natural hair. It means when your hair is 14 inch in length, choosing to get 18 inch weave is perfect.

What is its origin?

18 inch hair weave in APO’s collection is made of 100% Vietnamese remy hair which are collected from Vietnamese donors. It has no chemical substances and synthetic fibers. As a result, our products will be harmless to your scalp as well as natural hair. You can wear it for a long time without worrying about health issues.

You are going to get a gorgeous hairstyle when purchasing our 18 inch hair weave. Because it is remy human hair, all cuticle still remains and face the same direction. Remy hair helps ensure that there will be no tangles during the time you apply hair extensions to your natural hair.

How to make 18 inch hair weave?

18 inch curly weave

Our hair extensions are completely Vietnamese women hair. Those women often have long, black hair without dyeing or bleaching. In fact, they tend to believe their natural hair is the most beautiful hair compared to other kinds of hair.

Thanks to the routine and lifestyle of Vietnamese people that help them to grow hair very fast. Their thick, strong hair then will be donated to make other textures and types of hair extensions for you.

After taking the hair from those women, the hair will be brought to our factory where it will be styled.

Most of the time, we make our product according to the order of customers. The hair will be weft by machine to make machine weft hair or will be sewn to make closure or frontal hair extensions.

Why choose 18 inch hair weave of APO hair?

We need to confirm that human hair extensions have a quite high price in comparison with synthetic hair extensions. However, you will never regret it when buying our hair extensions as there are many benefits you could find in them? What are they?

18 inch wavy weave

It can blend well with your natural hair

This is the most outstanding that you can realize in almost all types of human hair extensions. A lot of women choose human hair extensions as they love their ability to perfectly blend with their natural hair. A good installation of hair extensions if a process in which the extensions can blend well with the natural hair of the user. By getting this advantage, you will feel more confident when using hair extensions. We believe that little do other people can know that you are wearing hair extensions. This is one benefit that through a long period of time, synthetic hair could hardly possess.

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It is various in textures and colors

Hair textures

As we have mentioned above, there are three main textures for weave hair extensions in APO’s collection. A piece of good news is that each of them consists of many typical textures, giving you lots of options to choose. They are:

– Straight hair: natural straight, kinky straight, yaki straight

– Wavy hair: body wavy, natural wavy, deep wavy, bouncy wavy, roll bouncy wavy, fumi wavy

– Curly hair: deep curly, loose curly, fumi curly, romantic curly, fumi curly

Straight hair might be most simple hair that we have because we don’t have to do much with it. 18 inch curly weave and wavy weave hair are curled by round iron and then steamed with the very hot steam to keep the waves. All process is chemical-free.

weaving method

Although they have the same length, curly hair looks shorter than straight hair. Wavy hair is the medium hair texture, which lies between straight and curly hair. That is because the hair is measured when it is straightened.

Hair color

Hair color is an important factor. It will be so wonderful if you could find yourself a suitable color which matches our own hairstyle. When it comes to the color of hair extensions, it would be a tough choice for you because we have a lot of colors to offer. You can choose one from the wide range of hair colors. Those are black, brown, blonde, ombre, mix color or highlight color. The truth is, you can choose whatever color that you like because they are all beautiful color and easy to fit in.

What standards are 18 inch hair weave?

Basically, there are four main standards for weave hair extensions in APO’s hair. They are single drawn quality type 1, single drawn quality type 2, double drawn quality type 1 and double drawn quality type 2.

Single drawn standards are cheaper because it has short strands mixed in each hair bundle. Single type 1 is the one with the largest quantity of short hair in a hair bundle. Double drawn expresses the hair bundle with same-length strands. Of all, double type 2 is the one with almost all same-length hair strands in a bundle.

Tips to take care of 18 inch hair weave

Unlike like natural straight hair, 18 inch weave hair requires more careful skills in caring. Because tape in hair is easy to be drier and getting tangles, you should have some special treatment.

Firstly, you should avoid washing your hair regularly, and remember to use conditioner to keep your hair moisturized. Brushing your hair is also a thing that you should avoid, only detangle your hair with fingers or a wide-tooth brush to make sure you do not break the hair locks.

Secondly, do not use styling tools at high temperature. Even with your natural hair, using heat can damage your hair faster. If you want to restyle the curls, you can use hair rollers or protective gel before applying styling machines and only keep it at low heat.

Finally, remember to use sunscreen for your hair whenever you go out. Even it is not sunny, your hair can still be broken by UV rays and the best way to protect your hair from them is to cover the hair with a thin layer of sunscreen.

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