14 inch curly hair extensions – the most attractive way to the newcomers

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When you are no longer interested in your current straight locks, what would you do? If you don’t want to go to a hair salon to have a new haircut, choose hair extensions. We all know that it’s quite hard for newcomers to apply hair extensions. In that case, we are happy to share with you our 14 inch curly hair extensions. 14 inch curly hair is considered a great way for newcomers to get used to hair extensions and achieve the most natural hairstyle with the application of those extensions.

14 inch curly hair

What are 14 inch curly hair extensions?

If you have ever read our previous news, you will probably remember that it’s about 12 inch human hair extensions. Just like its own name, 14 inch curly hair is 2 inches longer than 12 inch hair extensions. In general, while the 12 inch hair is chin to shoulder length, the 14 inch one will reach our chests and the areas right below our shoulders. A lot of women choose 14 inch curly hair because it can help add both length and volume to their natural hair.

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Why choose APO’s 14 inch hair extension?

Using APO’s 14 inch curly hair extension will absolutely bring your many incredible advantages. What are they?

Firstly, it is made of human remy hair.

Exactly, all types of hair extensions in APO hair are made of 100% Vietnamese human remy hair, not with the exception of 14 inch curly hair extensions. These remy hair extensions are collected from Vietnamese donors who own long and natural hairstyle. Remy hair also means that hair cuticle remain and face the same direction. This ensures that throughout the application of hair extensions, you are going to achieve silky and smooth hairstyle. You can also style or dye the hair the way you like.

Secondly, it can perfectly blend your natural hair

Many people are afraid that other can realize that they are wearing hair extensions and this is, of course, never a good experience. The reason is that the extensions they apply may not be from real human hair and they are easily detectable. However, with APO’s hair extensions, that embarrassing situation will not happen. Because we make our hair products from human hair, they can perfectly blend in your natural lock without causing irritation. Human hair looks like natural hair and others cannot know that you are using hair extensions, which makes you more confident.

Thirdly, it is various in textures

When it comes to curly hairstyles, you will think of a romantic hairstyle. That’s right. In many research, statistic has shown that curly hair is someway more attractive than straight hairstyle. While straight hair expresses the beauty from simple texture, curly hair lets us see the beauty from romantic and attractive looks. In APO hair, we make our 14 inch curly hair extensions more diverse with 5 main textures which are:

– Deep curly

– Loose curly

– Romantic curly

– Kinky curly

– Fumi curly

Next, it is various in types

Talking about types of 14 inch curly hair extensions is that we are talking about different methods to apply extensions to our natural hair. Coming to APO’ stock, you will realize that there are many different methods of 14 inch human hair extensions. Depending on your own needs, you can choose the one which is suitable for your present hairstyle.

Sew in hair extensions

14 inch curly weave

Our staff spends a lot of time and skills on weaving all the hair strands in the same bundle into one long line. This is called a weave. Women usually apply the weaving method to sew the weave into their natural hair. This method ensures that 14 inch weaves hairstyles will not easily fall out of your hair as they have been firmly sewn into your natural locks.

One recommendation for you is that weave hair better for thick hair than thin hair. You should also not make too tight braids as this can put pressure on your scalp or even damage your natural hair.

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Tape hair extensions

14 inch tape hair

Secondly, we want to tell you about 14 inch tape in hair extensions. Tape hair is famous for its easy and quick application. When you don’t need to use hair extensions, you can remove the tape and save the hair for other times using. For the next time of use, you only need to get a new piece of tape, attach it to the hair extensions and apply like the first time. It would be best if you can have a tape remover and a tape roll.

Clip in hair extensions

14 inch clip in hair

If you get used to hair extensions, you will know for sure that clip in hair extensions is the least permanent method of hair extensions, right? You can put it on and then take it off any time you like. You can use 14 clip in extensions daily, which is really convenient. However, make sure that you clip the right way. Don’t make it too loose so the hair can fall out of your head. It doesn’t mean that you have to make it tightly. Too tight application can lead to pressure on your scalp, which is not a good thing. Here, you should know how to apply it properly so that there will be no damages to your 14 inch natural hair as well as your scalp.

Keratin hair extensions

14 inch keratin hair

In APO hair’s collection, we have four distinct types of hair extensions which are flat tip hair, U tip hair, V tip hair and I tip hair. As you can see, the difference among these types of hair lies in the shape of the tip. However, don’t worry about our hair quality as all types of keratin hair extensions in our stock are made of high-quality keratin.

How do I care for my hair 14 inch human hair extensions?

It’s important that you build a good routine to take care of your 14 inch hair extensions. Because of the fact that the products we provide are from 100% Vietnamese rem hair, you can style and wash them just like your natural hair. However, one thing you should always keep in mind is that the more you wash the hair or styling it, the shorter its lifespan will be. That’s why keep washing and using heat styling tools to a minimum.

Can you exercise in hair extensions?

As you know, exercise is one of the biggest reasons that prevents many women from wearing hair extensions. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it. As long as you use some cautions, you can completely apply hair extensions while exercising.

– Make sure your extensions don’t touch your skin

– Use leave-in conditioner for hair extensions before workout

– If possible, wear a headband or scarf

– Put your hair into braid or ponytail. However, don’t make too tight a ponytail. It’s clear that making the ponytail tight can keep the hair extensions from moving or falling out but it can also prevent sweat from quickly drying. This can make the root of the hair extensions to easily frizz and ultimately tangle when trying to remove them later. Too tight braids/ponytails can also lead to much pressure on your scalp and damage your natural hair.

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Shampoo your hair after a workout. We can’t avoid sweat, especially after workout activities. That means some sweat may get on your hair extensions. Just like your own hair, you also need to wash your hair extensions.

APO hair is always ready to support customers. If you need any further information about our products and policies, contact us. We will try to help you in the quickest way.

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